Badalay Nahin Aakaash Kabhi (Doha) April 05, 1980


बदले नहिं आकाश कभि, सदा बदलते भाव।
पक्‍का हो यह ज्ञान तो, रहता मन में चाव॥१॥
Badalay nahin aakaash kabhi, sadaa badalatay bhaav,
Pakka ho yehe gyaan to, rehetaa mana mayn chaav.
1. The Space never changes; the Pure Consciousness is forever Pure Consciousness. Then what changes? The sense always changes, the condition of the mind changes. In the space, in the water of the ocean, the condition wave appears. It rises and falls, but the water never changes. So condition, which is the mind, takes one sense of rising and another sense of falling. So mind condition changes all the time. Space just remains the same. The mind of the one who can assimilate this thought, this knowledge, or this perfection remains eternally happy, always light and in joy.