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MadhurAlka, Song of Oneness, is an expression of my deepest gratitude to Swami Shyam, my father and my Guru. He has given us an enormous treasury of wisdom, and I wish to offer it to anyone who has an interest in knowing his highest Self. “A human being is born very fortunate, that he can think from where thinking comes, where thinking ends, from where life comes, and where life goes. The answer from Guru is, it is all from the Self.” Through my practice of meditation and my study of the knowledge of the highest Self, I have come to know that the Self is one in everyone—himself, herself, myself. To recognize that one Self, all you need to do is open up All the knowledge and means of practice for your unfoldment are right here. Here is an overview of all the categories in the website:

Albums: Listen to me sing, accompanied by renowned musicians from all over the world, and lift your consciousness to the heights of awareness from where Swami Shyam has written these beautiful songs.

Songs: Swami Shyam has written thousands of songs, in perfect rhythm (matras), and they are all from the answered state. Read the Hindi poetry, sing along with the lyrics, and understand the depth of the meaning of each song. You will find the Hindi text, English translation, and a transliteration of the Hindi. Reading these songs, you will always come to know the technique of creating a happy moment for yourself at any time. 

Dohas: Swami ji expressed his profound knowledge in a number of dohas, a traditional style of Hindi poetry.

Learning: Learn the Songs Select the lyrics and sing along with the recording, or learn it in your own time. Singing is the best way to open up the inner nadis, or channels, which enables you to remain peaceful and calm under all circumstances.

Courses Download various courses based on Swami ji’s teachings and his illumination of the ancient scriptures. 

Writings: A collection of writings in Hindi and English. Each writing reveals the hidden truths of human life.

Media: Video—Stream a video of a talk by Swami Shyam called “Technique of Meditation.” Make this part of your morning practice, and watch the result in your state of mind each day. Other videos are also available to stream, through which you will get a glimpse into various aspects of the life at IMI.

Audio—Listen to Swami ji talk, or hear him sing the mantra Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum—I am Immortal, I am Blissful—and experience the voice of enlightenment. This is the Song of Oneness.


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