About Swami Shyam

Yog Shiromani Swami Shyam is the founder of the International Meditation Institute (IMI). He lived his entire life for only one purpose: to give humankind the knowledge that our true nature is immortal and blissful. For him, each moment was filled with the recognition and appreciation of the highest Self, the source of this universe. At the International Meditation Institute, he held daily meetings, or satsangs, in which he spoke on the nature of highest awareness and how to realize it through the practice of gyan, or knowledge, and dhyan, or meditation on the truth, Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum—pure, free, forever.
In these satsangs, as well as in many other situations, Swami ji would often begin to hum. Then words would come to him, and soon a beautiful song was written. With this flow of inspiration, thousands of songs have been created by Swami ji as a gift to all of us. They describe the delight of being a human being who can recognize his own truth, the importance of Guru in one’s life, and the mantra Amaram Hum 

Madhuram Hum, which liberates one from the grip of his mind and enables him to unite with the Guru awareness. These songs are a most poetic expression of Atma Gyan, the knowledge of the Self.
Thousands of friends are continuously being inspired to practice Swami ji’s teachings in their daily lives. Find out more about Swami Shyam’s Knowledge at www.swamishyam.com