Bhakt Milay Bhagawaan Say (Doha) June 03, 1980


भक्त मिले भगवान से, संत कहावे सोय।
भगवद् अंशी भक्त है, जाने सतगुरु सोय॥१॥
Bhakt milay bhagawaan say,
sant kahaavay soya.
If the bhakt, the devotee or man who is busy practising how to meet God, meets God, he becomes and is called by the name “sage” or “saint.” The bhakt, who is already having the light and life of God, is the one who knows that bhakti is already God, because God’s Consciousness and God’s power is already there. The world says that whenever the bhakt meets God, or attains God Consciousness, he is called sant, or a realized being. But every devotee already has God inside. The one who knows this fact is Satguru; he is the true Guru who knows the truth.