Aatmanand Anubhuti Nahin Feb 20, 1980


आत्मानन्‍द अनुभूति नहीं, जब तक इन्द्रिय ज्ञान।
द्रष्‍टा-दृश्य मिटे जभी, आनँद तब ही जान॥१॥
Aatmaanand anubhooti naheen,
jab tak indriya gyaan.
Drashtaa-drishya mitay jabhee,
aanand tab hee jaan.
As long as there is the knowledge of the senses, there will never be Atma-Anand, realization of the Self, or the bliss of the Absolute. Only when the seer and seen, or subject and object, relationship is finished will bliss permeate the being.