Swayam Shakti Kaa Dhyaan Karayn April 21, 1980


स्वयं शक्ति का ध्यान करें हम
परम शक्ति में लग जाएँ।
प्रेम भाव में पग जाएँ॥
Swayam shakti kaa dhyaan karayn hum
Param shakti mayn laga jaa-ayn.
Praym bhaav mayn paga jaa-ayn.
We should remember our own power, the Shakti God within, and deeply concentrate and meditate on that Shakti, the Self-power, hidden within. Soon our own self-power will be united with that supreme power, God. And if you become tuned in with that param Shakti, you will imbibe the love for all beings on earth.