Praatah Bolo Sandhyaa Bolo July 28, 1982


प्रातः बोलो संध्या बोलो
दिन में बोलो निशि में बोलो।
पल-पल बोलो क्षण-क्षण बोलो
हरि-हरि श्याम जय जय श्याम॥
Praatah bolo sandhyaa bolo
Din mayn bolo nishi mayn bolo.
Pal-pal bolo kshan-kshan bolo
Hari-Hari Shyam, jay jay Shyam.
Speak or know, think or realize—in the morning, in the evening, in the daytime and in the night—every moment, realize and speak: Hari Hari Shyam, Jai Jai Shyam! It means that you are that Shyam Space. Glory to my own Self!