Paanchon Thir Gyaanayndriyan (Doha) July 20, 1980


पाँचों थिर ज्ञानेन्द्रियाँ, मन भी थिर हो साथ।
बुद्धि समाए तत्त्‍व में, आनँद होवे प्राप्‍त॥१॥
Paanchon thir gyaan-endriyaan,
mana bhee thir ho saath.
Buddhi samaa-ay tattwa mayn,
aanand hovay praapt.
1. When the five senses and the mind sense, along with the sense of buddhi, intellect, become established in the space tattwa; when they do not function as independent and separate from the Self; that is liberation.