Mangalakaran Vipadaaharan March 21, 2009


मंगलकरण विपदाहरण
विघ्‍ननाशक जय गणेशा।
सहायक हो सब के सदा तुम
कृपा करो महादेव सुत गणेशा॥
Mangalakaran vipadaaharan
Vighn-naashak jai Ganaysha.
Sahaayak ho sab kay sadaa tum
Kripaa karo mahaadayv sut Ganayshaa.
O Lord Ganesh! Glory to You, Lord, Glory to You. You are the giver of happiness and You remove all calamities. You are the one who destroys all the hindrances that come in the way of a human being. O son of Mahadev (Lord Shiv), You are eternally the supporter of all. I pray to You and meditate on You to please shower your grace on all of us.