Main To Shyam Gagan Mayn Naachoon Feb 15, 1985


मैं तो श्याम गगन में नाचूँ
नाचूँ, नाचूँ, नाचूँ, नाचूँ॥
अज्ञान गुफ़ा से निकल आज मैं
Main to Shyam gagan mayn naachoon
Naachoon, naachoon, naachoon naachoon.
Agyaan gufaa say nikal aaj main
Shyam gagan mayn naachoon.
Let me dance under the sky called Shyam Space. Today I have come out of the agyan gufa, the cave of ignorance, which was binding me, the Space, to body, home, and relations.