Ko-ee Kehetaa Shyam Mujhay Nov 15, 2010


कोई कहता श्याम मुझे
कोई कहता स्वामी।
रूप नाम ही दिखता सबको
हूँ केवल मैं अन्तर्यामी॥
Ko-ee kehetaa Shyam mujhay
Ko-ee kehetaa Swami.
Roop naam hee dikhataa sab ko
Hoon kayval main antaryaamee.
Some people call me “Shyam,” and some call me “Swami.” But I am telling you that only the form and name is visible to all, whereas the truth is that I alone am, all-permeating, all-knowing, and dwelling in every heart, every form, every name.