Dayh Kahaan Hai April 14, 2008


देह कहाँ है, गेह कहाँ है
नीर कहाँ है, मेघ कहाँ है?
जब स्वयं गगन को जाना तुमने
तब, गगन यहाँ है, गगन वहाँ है॥
Dayh kahaan hai, gayh kahaan hai
Neer kahaan hai, maygh kahaan hai?
Jab, swayam gagan ko jaanaa tumanay
Tab, gagan yahaan hai, gagan vahaan hai.
My dear one, please let me know what a body is and where it is. Also, tell me what a house is and where it is. What is water and where is it? What is a cloud and where is it? While answering, you have realized that it is all Sky- Self. Thus, Self alone is at the source. It is the house, it is in the house; it is the body, it is in the body. You have come to realize that all else is the human, mental emanation and expression that separates and divides the Sky-Self into a body, a house, water, and a cloud.