Binatee Karoon Kaho May 14, 1980


बिनती करूँ कहो मैं कैसे
अपनी शक्ति न कोई।
अपनी शक्ति न कोई, प्रभु जी
अपनी शक्ति न कोई॥
Binatee karoon kaho main kaisay
Apanee shakti na ko-ee.
Apanee shakti na ko-ee, prabhu jee
Apanee shakti na ko-ee.
O God, how shall I pray to you when I have no power to pray, because I don’t have any power of my own? It is all your power with which I am sitting and doing. So with what power am I going to pray to you and say I am doing something for you?